Make use of proxy bids.. and save thousands.

Several winning bidders of recent domain auctions discovered nice offers flying their way hours after the auctions ended.

Looks like these buyers vastly missed the boat (or plane?) and were instantly offering x5 times the amounts the domains were sold for.

You ask - how could they miss the bidding? Why they didn’t utilize proxy bids, which are so easy to place for them to work for you?

I guess some bidders still distrust making early (or high) bids, thinking it is exposing and somehow works against them.

No. Vaccines work. Proxy bids work.

And they work tremendously well. You’d be surprised (shocked) to learn, that proxy bids saved DomainLore bidders a £ million (!!).

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2020 - The year in review, winners and losers

2020: The Year in review: .uk Winners and Losers

Losers: Nominet

Winners: Cheaters

A heavy 2020 is coming to an end.

How did it affect .uk domain industry, secondary .uk market, .uk dropcatching?

Here is DOMAINLORE’s rundown on the winners and losers of the passing year.

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A pair of rubber flip flops

updated 15.09

Laughing my ass off a small bunch of delusional bile spitters on that infamous ‘nuts’ forum.

Let’s laugh together:

One might wonder wtf these guys are talking about?!

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