Final RoR .uk auction batch

A grand sale of best .uk domains from the RoR release is coming to an end this week.

Out of more than 300 freshly released .uk domains sold on DomainLore there is just about 30 left.

The sales have totalled over a quarter a million by now (~£260,000). That’s about £866 per domain, which is pretty much a steal, if you consider what kind of category killers, brandables and short-letter acronyms went under the hammer for these prices.

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.uk Rights of Registration Release

2019 .uk Rights of Registration Release a.k.a. - .uk Land-rush

Over 1,800,000 of previously unavailable .uk domain names will be released over the course of the next week (1 - 5 July).

Domains like,, and many others are becoming available on the first-come first-served basis.

Too say we were not busy preparing would be an underestimation. We’ve been long (and successfully) involved in the domain catching business and now deploying our expertise to register valuable domain names for ourselves and for our customers.

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Another greedy gentleman

It’s no (longer) a secret to anyone that DomainLore does it’s best to detect and expose shill bidders attempting for good, but instead encountering their bad luck on this platform. No other auction platform (like S*** (no, it’s not S-word, so I better spell it, it’s Sedo!) or eBay) cares so much about integrity of it’s sales and true identities of their bidders tracing all their hidden (and not so much) links to the seller. Yes, it’s a S.E.C job for domain name sales I am doing here :))

Even though it is strongly advised to every new bidder before he or she can join the auction and get her hands dirty that it is an illegal, criminal offence to bid in the auctions of any related person (friend, employee, hairdresser ..etc..etc.), still some people are so dumb, bold and arrogant that they believe it won’t hurt to try, when there are money on the table..

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