Connecting the dots ... of connected people.

This post is about Web Consultancy Ltd and Stephen Hall

During RoR .uk drops I saw WEBCON tag but was unaware who was behind it.

“Web Consultancy Ltd”, I didn’t come across this company before.

(Later I learned and for many it was well-known from RobM public forum posts on Acorn, that WEBCON was his first business partner, whose TAG wins he bragged as attributable to him as he run RoR release catches through (thanks to a Nominet deposit provided by Web Consultancy)).

But I didn’t know Stephen Hall was related to WEBCON.

Stephen was actively buying RoR domains on DL and we talked about some other sales.

In September he wrote to me:

... next week we're launching ( will forward to it) so very busy but wouldn’t have it any other way :)

I started using domainview a couple of years ago and never really spoke to Rob, someone who works for me (Ben) signed up and I just let him play at catching on my behalf [.... skipped...] Then Rob contacted me direct about 6 month ago, allow me to add at this point, I'm not daft... I have worked out he is 100% full of shit, he is all mouth, [.... skipped.....] and he is crying wolf when it comes to the cheating. I know he has many people who have used his service but never login yet the IPs of those DAC’s are pointing to him… I have an email to confirm this… While people like me catch nothing using his system and he is doing OK!


I’m so sure he is cheating it has pissed me off now and I’d love to prove it…

He’s spoke bad of many people to me, has nothing positive to say about anyone!

I’m very direct and never shy to say what think, I know you two don’t get on at all but after speaking to many people such as [....skipped...] (who speaks very highly of you) I know Rob is not to be trusted, hence why I want to cut ties with him… but I would love to call him out first.


I agreed to offer Stephen my services of DomainCatch and he applied with a tag SHALL.

However, after two weeks he never managed to start using it.

I contacted Stephen to find out, but never received further replies.

Then I found out that he is WEBCON! Who is not only actively catching with Rob, but was pretty successful during RoR release, thanks to Rob, so I found it unbelievable what he said about Rob to me.

Was it a bluff to gain my trust? When I confronted Stephen about this, he stopped responding. He also stopped coming to DL and hasn’t honored his not yet completed purchases.

I was perplexed. There are weird things going around, but that is a rare stuff!

If MELITAWEB/WEBCON are so successful with their catches now, why they recruit their employees to be TAG Holders? Why they need extra TAGs?

This Jake Waller dude [Tag = KUNGFUJAKE], who was dissected today on Acorn is an employee of Stephen. (I also found references to him and brother(?) Waller on the blog referenced below).

You must ask how is this not against Nominet connected persons rules? Are they using these numerous TAGs quota to poll DAC but then catch with EPP requests of their own TAGs?

It’s very obvious something nefarious is going on behind the scenes. And they are not going to stop that easy now once greed has taken the helm.

I am sharing my story after receiving this tip about Web Consultancy / Stephen’s numerous companies and their activities:

Wow. You can make your own conclusions to whether one should expect responsibility from people with such a track record.

I’m tempted to say something about dogs and fleas, but you may have heard it before.

Someone must be ashamed, but the money are good. Enjoy while it lasts!