.uk Rights of Registration Release

2019 .uk Rights of Registration Release a.k.a. - .uk Land-rush

Over 1,800,000 of previously unavailable .uk domain names will be released over the course of the next week (1 - 5 July).

Domains like job.uk, shops.uk, oxford.uk and many others are becoming available on the first-come first-served basis.

Too say we were not busy preparing would be an underestimation. We’ve been long (and successfully) involved in the domain catching business and now deploying our expertise to register valuable domain names for ourselves and for our customers.

There will already be an enormous competition for best domains releasing on each day. We know about them as everyone else does. Still, it could be very practical for you to place pre-bids on those domains anyway, as you’ll be automatically enrolled for the auction, if those domains are offered for sale through DomainLore.

Then, besides a contenders too obvious, there are plenty of interesting and overlooked gems which are coming up for grabs.

Place a bid of £50 and we’ll try to secure those rare domains exclusively for you!

Only if same domain attracts a bid from another party, it’ll be subject to a short public auction.

Follow to our main page to easily look-up which domains are being released - search by any keyword or download the whole list to have it analysed with the external tools.

For placing a bid you won’t even need to pay £50 beforehand. Simply deposit £6 for every domain you’d like us to catch and if we are not successful - your deposit will be fully refunded.

Happy hunting!

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