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Welcome – Colin Smith from Norwich, aka Lazarus (mail at, busted by trying to place a shill bid for his ‘Hidden Gems’ auction; his other auction was also cancelled as a result.

By the will of this shill bidder, who decided not to hide shamefully but instead vigorously dispute his guilt by continuing to lie and ignoring my warnings of public exposure – here it comes then.

What the crook had to say about it:

You have the wrong end and a very big stick. I never shill bidded and I would like to see your logs for this. A friend of mine was round that had some domains and I was actually bigging up your site to him. He created an account He did NOT bid on my auction….

I know shill bidding is wrong and I would never do this. Your site locked his account as soon as he logged in and later I found out that it had locked mine too…

No where on your site does it say this would happen if two users use the same computer and or it is disallowed by your site. If I wanted to bid on my own auction don’t you think I would use a different computer with a different connection.

What was actually happening:

The fake bidding account was suspended as soon as this ‘friend’ of Colin Smith has tried to place a bid on his auction. That is how the early prevention technique works. It doesn’t immediately suspend accounts which appear to be linked but instead allows fraudsters to attempt to commit a crime, then stops it before it succeeds. Colin Smith continues to lie that he has not placed a bid and demands logs to probably get a better idea if he has really failed hard or whether there could be another way to come up with a good excuse:

I will tell you again… The account locked as soon as he logged in. Again – Send me these logs please….

You help sign up your friend with a disposable e-mail address at ‘’ using US proxy, then you attempt to bid under his account using a proxy server in Kazakhstan.. That’s a nice signing up and guiding lesson you were providing for your friend!

Listen a second account was created yes. But a bid was never placed. You can only list three listings ? We had more… I was setting him up to list more for me. My I remind you that a bid was never placed so Don’t go giving me the legal crap.

Beware this person as he doesn’t seem to have any integrity even if caught red handed. As his account was terminated and according to T&Cs of the service, all auctions were cancelled, he is now disputing his Paypal listings fees to be refunded, as the product provided was “not a described”. I feel sorry for this idiot as Paypal has been very supportive in similar situations in the past and they take this matter seriously – even up to terminating shill bidders Paypal accounts. Yes, they must be very determined to fight shill bidders too, as I am sure they have much more troubles with this nuisance on eBay.

For the next person who wants to join the fraudsters hall of fame list and attempts to defraud fellow domainers and their buyers: Domainlore has a state of the art early shill bidding detection and prevention system. Stop committing crimes and forever damaging your reputation in the domain trading community.

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  • yorktech

    Said person contacted me on Acorn about I offered 50 quid for it. I was told I’d have to make an offer of £175 or more as he had offers of over £100 quid already.
    I declined . I asked about why the auction was pulled with no response. And I wonder why if offers of over £100 are already on the ‘table’ why you would go ahead with an auction. Hmmmm

  • I know shill bidding is wrong and I would never do this. Your site locked his account as soon as he logged in and later I found out that it had locked mine too…