Final RoR .uk auction batch

A grand sale of best .uk domains from the RoR release is coming to an end this week.

Out of more than 300 freshly released .uk domains sold on DomainLore there is just about 30 left.

The sales have totalled over a quarter a million by now (~£260,000). That’s about £866 per domain, which is pretty much a steal, if you consider what kind of category killers, brandables and short-letter acronyms went under the hammer for these prices. Most certainly we will look back at this period as of one of the greatest investment opportunities, which can be questionable when they happen, but always so apparent in a hindsight.

From tomorrow, final ending auctions include:

.. and others - still very creamy, as you see!

And that would pretty much be it. Snapped to be developed or as a long-time investment - the inventory is getting cleared for a well-defined reason.

OK, if you’re still in the game - happy bidding!

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