Anyone still cares about catching?

I’ve been referred to this post on Acorn Domains:

OMG, not again..?!

I had a quick scroll through invincible’s musings..

Dude, are you at it again, for real..??!

After all the talk over the years and our private discussions we had with you over the e-mail..? you are still up for a windmills fight..??

This begs questions of your sanity now.. especially as you are apparently not catching any longer since a long time.. I am really puzzled how one can care so badly about “fairness” of domain catching, if he doesn’t participate and has nothing to gain? Even knowing your polizei-type nature, I still won’t believe you do it just out of it. I have a strange feeling, considering your faith in cheating players is so high and to such extent that you constantly state (including in our past e-mail correspondence) that so many are cheating and thus everyone should… so all this makes me feel that you got yourself an army of TAGs, under non-traceable to you names, but even with that army you fail to catch anything remotely decent and this kills you and makes you go insane.. How one catcher can compete with so many tags and win.. this does not correlate with the DAC quota of one person… this is beyond the logic.. this is beyond comprehensible.. but I am sorry your imagination is so limited.. And even though I’ve tried badly to convince you over the e-mails of that sincere beauty one can attain of leaving all these hordes of cheaters with multiple tags behind.. just with one tag and one membership and without any rule-breaking and cheats and only with the skill and brains..

Oh, I tried.. you do not believe in brains, how sad. But I can understand, it’s hard to believe in something one has never experienced or came across in their lifes. Like in God, for instance..

You don’t believe in catching Gods, do you..? ;-)

I told you you need to wait and be patient and the secret will be told to ya one day. You don’t seem to possess any patience and this thing makes you restless.

Ok, well, grab some dough and I’ll sell you the secret. Make a campaign on Kickstarter…? Crowd funding? I am fine with that.

Catching secret is for sale. £100,000. Very affordable, if you ask me.

Perhaps after paying this money you’ll realise your stubborn stupidity???