Are you ready for .uk drops? These new TAGs are.

Are you ready for .uk drops starting tomorrow?

These freshly-minted TAGs certainly are.

In the month of August a fresh bunch of shadow tags become Nominet members and registrars:

CHURCHILL: Carl Churchill

DAPPS: Niall Day

RULES: Jon Roulston
PURPLETREESOL: Mrs Ellen Badat t/a Purple Tree Solutions

MARWEB: Marcus Webster
JTGROUP: James Baldock



WEBWORTH: David Worth t/a david worth http://webworth

Just 10 9 TAGs. A greed seems to be well-moderated, all clear.

Nominet must be so busy screening these applicants that for the last one they didn’t even bother to check their own input, entering a half-arsed website.


For some of these tags the applicants managed to register new domains to look more legit with a “coming soon” - a business under ‘active’ development! They must have brainstormed their brains up to the fucking ceiling.

Clearly, Nominet continues to show us all how alarmed they are by the cheating registrars and now that they are not taking the “auctions route”, how keen they are in their desire to “stop” these arrivals.

TAIWEB: Adam Brown t/a Adam Brown Consultancy
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