A pair of rubber flip flops

updated 15.09

Laughing my ass off a small bunch of delusional bile spitters on that infamous ‘nuts’ forum.

Let’s laugh together:

One might wonder wtf these guys are talking about?!

It seems counting sales on DL happens to be so suffocating for them, that the lack of oxygen is fueling those delusional dreams of this platform’s imminent demise.

Ya know who these malevolent faces are?

Admin - over the years of using DL has proven to be an impatient and abusive jerk. Moreover, a sense of entitlement was so overwhelming, that I had to point him at the door. Steve not built, but bought Acorn Domains. Once wanted to buy DomainLore. Now hates DL more than anything ;). Out of spite removed the ability for forum members to highlight their DL sales, resists of enabling it back, even after numerous requests by paid members. (Why there are still paid Acorn members?! The forum has no free speech, constant suppressions, admin preaches arse-licking, why anyone is still there, hello? There are free forum alternatives ;-) "I cannot see DL being used in the medium/long-term as there is now, finally, a much, much better offering" Spot on, Stevie, you won’t be using it not in the medium nor in the long-term =)

Azooza - doesn’t need an introduction, was a happy DL user (still a regular), once asked for a collaboration with his project, but in a reality a major bullshitter and can’t defend his words, now loathes me for sensing that by a mile and being straight about it ;-)

DJ Wood - Banned for disputing and not paying platform fees. Coming back twice under fake accounts for some reason? (‘Kate Rea’, ‘Sophie Katherine’) - all identified and suspended.

Ben Thomas (edited his surname after the incident) - banned for libel. A matter was settled later, but for now his request to be re-activated as a member can’t be accepted.

dragon (aka IPT aka Matt, apparently deed-poll changed his surname - probably had other reasons to) - banned from DL in the early days for breaking a (gentlemen’s) sales agreement.

webber - a guy from Romania, Ciprian. Caught shill bidding on his own useless domain “cazino.uk”. Guess what he said in a response: “I was trying out the platform and wanted to get featured/spotlight quicker. I guess eBay tactics don’t apply in this space. Will definitely keep that in mind from now on.”

Constantly attacks DL on Acorn. At the same time, continues to use DomainLore, last login 15 September, under a fake name account. Banned again.

Lazarus - I had little idea who ‘lazarus’ was, before someone sent me an anonymous tip, naming that person as a former member, who was once banned from DomainLore for shill bidding. I was surprised people recall these facts better than I, but after checking my records from 2013 I was able to confirm it was indeed the case. A person who sent me that said “you should do a blog post about it”, but I didn’t want to humiliate as the guy has seemingly put a lot of effort. I just want to believe he is a better person after those 7 years.

So these haters are spitting the bile (just mention you love DL ;-) and pretend it’s not worth paying for a good product. They try to convince you “free” is better, even when themselves they perfectly know it is far from truth.. (and Admin chuckles counting your useless paid forum subscriptions). You “better” believe them you can’t afford 5% on a £2,500 sale, as they’d prefer you to sell your domain for £250, but pay nothing to nobody. They can’t stand for DL to prosper. That’s how low and scum they are.

They would relentlessly berate and thwart, it’s just when you now know why they’re doing that and you realise that they all have lost their memberships in the past for one or another reason. They are no longer welcome and that's their real issue. Their credibility in relation to DL is zero.

But I get it - they want a place to sell their stuff, they have to have an alternative, no matter how good or bad it is. It’s just they need to convince you first and lure you in, as otherwise who’d be bidding?

I also went to check Trustpilot reviews.. Woah. So much arse licking - it’s even disgusting.

And all these same faces in all the reviews, my god, what an army of minions.

Once in a while, a sensible forum member asks a very legit question (LCHappy), but they won’t address it. (Or will, as Webber did, just say something silly and hope it goes away).

In the meantime…

DomainLore goes from strength to strength and smashing sales records.

It perfectly serves the need of the domaining community and being established for over 10 years it has amassed 7700+ members, coming not just from a single trashy forum, but from all the industries and verticals - marketers, advertisers, SEO agencies, brand managers, IP lawyers, Fortune500 companies (yes, @amazon.com, @microsoft.com and more) and individual domain investors.

DomainLore gained it's reputation as a reliable, responsible and accurate representation of the .uk domain aftermarket.

No nonsense prices, no fake bids, no bullshit.

Thousands of trusted sellers and buyers who deal directly with each other based on a time-validated reputation & trust - not on escrow.

Many opportunistic shill-bidders have attempted to make a quick buck with their unwanted domains, but they all failed and lost their access.

Are you among them? Go elsewhere. (where acorn admin tells you to go).